The atmosphere experienced in the Cascais market gave rise to the concept of Marisco na Praça ,in Mercado da Vila  in 2014, with the opening of a unique and traditional restaurant.

Our philosophy is based on the concept, still alive, of a admiring where the best that the sea brings every day is displayed. Here, customers directly choose the fish and seafood. From the sink to the plate, to the kilo or to the gram. Fried, grilled or boiled.

The same experience of authenticity expands and in 2017 we inaugurated Marisco na Praça, in Cascais Marina, in a reinventing concept aimed at fish dishes in a Peruvian fusion cuisine.

We privilege the quality and maintenance of the original flavors both in traditional dishes and in new creations.

Known for the Portuguese Riviera, Cascais is a picturesque and elegant village, surrounded by palaces and beautiful beaches, which invites you to taste the flavors of the sea.